PS5-Exclusive Abandoned Might Be Coming to PC

These days, a game almost always just isn't exclusive to a single platform. Outside of a few games that are truly exclusive to one platform, most "exclusives" are available on others as well. If it's not available on other platforms at launch, a game will eventually be.

PS5 exclusive Abandoned might not be as exclusive as once thought.

A good example of this is Abandoned, which, despite being a PS5-exclusive, might also be available on the PC.

When Is Abandoned Coming to PC?

Abandoned might indeed be coming to the PC as part of Sony's commitment to porting more of its exclusives to the said platform.

Abandoned is rumored to be a Hideo Kojima project hiding in plain sight. However, neither Kojima nor BLUE Box Game Studios have confirmed this. We do know that it is a PS5 exclusive, as revealed months ago. Even then, Abandoned being exclusive to Sony's next-gen console might not be true at all.

According to tweets by BLUE Box Game Studios that went online over the weekend, Abandoned might be coming to PC. At least, eventually.

If true, then the SIE-published survival horror title might indeed join the likes of Days Gone on the PC.

The timed exclusivity of some games is nothing new. The upcoming Deathloop first-person shooter game from Arkane Studios is only going to be exclusive to the PS5 for a while following its release in September. After some time, Deathloop will be available on other platforms.

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What is peculiar is that Deathloop was confirmed as a timed exclusive when it was first announced. Abandoned is not.

What's Else Do We Know About Abandoned?

The internet's been hard at work over the past week trying to connect the dots and proving that Abandoned is a Kojima game.

The basic foundation of the theory lies in how Kojima previously set up fake studios just to trick gamers into thinking that Metal Gear Solid V and Silent Hills were not the games that they were. Fans believe that since Kojima had already done it before, why not do it again?

Since then, BLUE Box Game Studios has shut down all the rumors that it is a Silent Hill game. It even went on to explicitly say that it has no relations with Konami nor Kojima.

Of course, this hasn't stopped gamers from speculating that the said statement is all just part of the ruse. This has gotten to a point that fans are feeling disappointed that Konami released Silent Hill merchandise just as the rumors about Abandoned being a Silent Hill game started circulating.

Whether Abandoned is a Kojima game or a Silent Hill sequel, it definitely looks like it's going to take every advantage afforded to it by the PS5. The survival horror title is already shaping up to be one of the best-looking games on the PS5. This bodes well for its small studio and could very well be what propels them to make even better and bigger games in the future.

For now, all we can do is wait for BLUE Box Game Studios to reveal more of Abandoned on June 25 in preparation for the game's Q4 2021 release date.

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