Aaron Paul will join Bryan Cranston in a Super Bowl commercial

A new teaser shows Jesse Pinkman waiting for Heisenberg in the New Mexico desert for Super Bowl Sunday and their PopCorners collaboration.

Walter White won’t be alone when he makes his return to the small screens for the upcoming 58th Super Bowl Sunday. PopCorners officially announced on Thursday that the main Breaking Bad protagonist will be joined by his trusted partner in crime, Aaron Paul, better known as Jesse Pinkman, this time for the brand’s Super Bowl commercial.

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There is only one man Jesse Pinkman can be waiting for

The 17-second promotional video was shared on the Popcorners' official Twitter account, depicting Paul as Jesse Pinkman in a very familiar setting.

Super Bowl LVII is coming to sandy Arizona with Rihanna headlining the halftime show, which coincides with the teaser showing Pinkman in his indigenous Albuquerque desert. While Aaron Paul answers the ringing cell phone with this iconic ”Yo, what’s up?” catchphrase, the camera pans over to an empty chair next to him. If Breaking Bad's famous opening music theme and the recently leaked image don’t ring a bell, we got a pretty good guess of who’s supposed to be sitting in that chair.

Given Breaking Bad's enduring legacy and popularity, it’s not surprising to see these two iconic characters represent the midwest when the Super Bowl is held there. Aaron Paul already got a taste of Super Bowl commercials, after he narrated a Weight Watchers ad for Super Bowl XLIX in 2015.

Both actors have made the most of the fortune and fame their characters are associated with, with Cranston showing up in full lab gear for an even more famous 2015 Esurance ad, where Walter White in true Heisenberg style asks to "Say my name".

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This image of Walter White surfaced near the end of 2023

Breaking Bad remains one of the most popular and critically acclaimed shows to date despite the series finale airing in September 2013.

Vince Gilligan was the man behind it all, creating and producing five seasons of the show before enrolling on another journey, developing the spin-off universe of Heisenberg’s lawyer Saul. The series remains a hit on Netflix despite rumors it might be ditching the platform, and multiple spin-off projects have been rumored including a GTA-like video game.

Giancarlo Esposito, who plays Gus Fring in both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, recently mentioned his desire to work on a spin-off.

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