A new PS5 model will be revealed by Sony soon

The rumor suggests that the new console variant will be released in 2023.

Things are looking up for Sony’s loyal gamers. The console maker recently announced that the stock shortage has been resolved and new rumors suggest a new PS5 is coming next year.

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A new PS5 variant is rumored to replace the current model.

A notable PlayStation insider has revealed Sony will announce the new PS5 model "soon." We have heard several rumors over the past year that a new variant of the PS5 is coming with a detachable disc drive. Sony has not confirmed the existence of a new PS5 model but that may change in the coming days.

Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson revealed that Sony is set to unveil a new version of the PS5 soon. According to Henderson, two sources have confirmed that test kits for the new PS5 have been handed out and the new console "works flawlessly."


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"Small update on the PlayStation 5 that has a detachable disc drive - I've heard from two people now that the test kit is in people's hands and it "works flawlessly". Henderson tweets. "We should hear more about it officially soon."

Henderson adds, "For those asking "what's the point" - I think it's to make manufacturing cheaper by just having one console. The regular PS5 and regular digital PS5 will cease production by the end of 2023."

However, Henderson did not reveal when the new PS5 will be announced. The reveal could happen at CES 2023, which runs from January 5 to 8. The annual trade show will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Winchester, Nevada. Sony has confirmed that it will be part of the trade show. It's still unclear what the console manufacturer would be presenting at the event.

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The CES 2023 may be a good venue for the announcement of the new PS5. Sony has confirmed its participation to the annual trade show. 

According to the rumors, the new PS5, codenamed "D Chassis", will feature the same kind of hardware as the ones existing in the market. The primary difference is that it will have an extra USB-C port on the back to support the detachable disc drive.

The reports suggest that Sony plans to sell the new PS5 bundled with the detachable drive. Gamers can also purchase just the console and purchase the disc drive separately.

Henderson’s report claims that Sony is anticipating producing 18.5 million units of the new PS5 and only 12 million of the current models which will be phased out at the end of next year.

This move will benefit gamers as it takes away the need to decide whether to take the disc or digital version of the PS5. It is however unclear at this point if the detachable drive will work on the existing digital-only PS5 variant.

Sony hopes the sales of its console will increase as more stocks are now available on the market. The company projects that sales of its popular console will normalize by 2024.

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