A new open world Star Wars game has been teased by Ubisoft

The studio's creative director Julian Gerighty just revealed a new unnamed Star Wars game.

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Ubisoft just revealed that the unnamed Star Wars game is coming in 2023.

Christmas may be over but gamers are still getting presents in the form of new games. We have a big Star Wars game coming up in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor but it isn't the only title we are getting from the famed George Lucas franchise.

Ubisoft’s creative director Julian Gerighty just posted a New Year’s greeting that teased a new game in the Star Wars universe. "Happy New Year to you all," Gerighty tweeted. "2023 is going to be huge for us. Join the adventure."

While the upcoming game doesn’t have a name yet, Massive Entertainment has previously revealed the development for the upcoming open-world game is going well. The studio has recently announced it's accepting applicants to participate in the game’s playtesting stage. Massive indicated it will prioritize applicants who live close to the studio headquarters in Malmö, Sweden.

The involvement of play testers implies Ubisoft is close to completing the game. Hopefully, Ubisoft will reveal a teaser or gameplay trailer soon.

What we know about the upcoming open-world Starwars game

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Ubisoft and Massive have been secretive about the upcoming title.

Massive Entertainment has been very secretive about the development of the open-world Star Wars title since its announcement at the start of 2021. At the time, Ubisoft revealed it partnered with Disney and Lucasfilm on the upcoming title.

The unnamed Star Wars game will be a story-driven open-world action-adventure game that will be using Ubisoft’s proprietary Snowdrop engine. The game engine has been used to develop The Division series games as well as Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and Mario + Rabbids games.

Gerighty previously teased bits of information regarding the upcoming game. "This is a lore that we love, and we want to do it justice with a game and story that bring both lifelong and new fans on an immersive and outstanding journey that will stay with them for years."

star wars art
The unnamed Star Wars title will be using the Snowdrop engine which was used in The Division series.

Lucasfilm Games VP Douglas Reilly revealed the game’s open world will be an immersive experience for fans of Star Wars. According to Reilly, the upcoming game will feature richly-detailed environments that players can explore.

"We know that fans of Star Wars value the feeling of immersion — of being transported into the Star Wars galaxy and moving through richly-detailed environments," Reilly said. "It’s fun to imagine what the team at Massive can do within Star Wars by bringing their innovative spirit and their commitment to quality."

The upcoming open-world Star Wars game does not have a title or release date yet. We will be updating readers once more details are available.

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