8 Video Game Movies We Wish Were Real

It's no secret that Hollywood and the entertainment industry, in general, are starting to run out of original ideas, which is probably why they're turning to video games.

With more than 100 vaults each with their own story to tell, it's surprising that no movie adaptation has been made of the Fallout franchise.

Already, we've seen announcements of movie and live-action adaptions of numerous gaming franchises in recent months.

And, even though most of us would like to believe that making movies based on video games is not a good idea, there's been a couple of good video game movies over the years that prove that this isn't necessarily the case.

With that said, we've decided to help out the entertainment industry a bit.

Below is a list of video game movies that we wish were real, based on franchises that we think would make decent movies. That is, of course, if given the right set of actors and actresses, as well as a proper script, and a director willing to take risks.


While no doubt a potentially costly venture, a movie set in the Starcraft universe would be perfect what with all the space explorations and expeditions going on right now.

The granddaddy of all eSport titles, Starcraft's definitely seen better days. However, if Blizzard wants to try and invigorate the franchise, one way of doing this would be to find a studio willing to work on a Starcraft movie.

Sure, the story of the 1998 title has long been told and we do actually have a fitting conclusion to the franchise. However, the universe of the real-time strategy title is so huge. There's plenty of material available here that already exists and the potential to create something original as well.

After all, the game is set in the 26th century with four species battling it out for galactic supremacy.

That premise alone is full of possibilities.

Besides, Universal Pictures already took a risk with making a Warcraft movie, which is essentially just the fantasy version of Starcraft's sci-fi setting.

What's another risk, right?

Horizon Zero Dawn

A movie based in the Horizon universe could explore more about what led to the events of the game or even following the story of Rost and his quest to avenge his fallen family.

Horizon Zero Dawn is arguably the best game of its generation that nobody really expected. More importantly, it probably has the best movie potential of any game released over the past decade.

The 2017 title tells the story of an outcast named Aloy. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world that's been terraformed after hundreds of years. Apparently, humanity has gone back to living in tribes and caves with hostile dinosaur-like robots pretty much taking over the rest of the world.

According to the game's story, the world was overrun by sentient robots roughly around 1,000 years before the game starts. However, in a last-ditch effort to make sure that humanity survives, one doctor proposes a radical solution, which is to let the robots take over.

Of course, that's not all there is to it.

The same doctor then designed an AI that would work to help reverse what the invasive robots did and make sure that they never come back again.

Now, that's a story that looks like it was taken straight out of a Hollywood movie, doesn't it?

So, while the video games could focus entirely on Aloy and her journey, a movie could be set in the same universe and potentially explore the events that led to the stories of the video game. In particular, what led to the creation of the AI that doomed the world and what kind of efforts humanity had to resort to ensure its survival.

If the game's sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, ends up becoming just as good if not better than the initial title, don't be surprised if rumors of a Horizon Zero Dawn film start popping up over the next couple of years.


Vault 114 is just one of the many other Vaults in Fallout that had interesting stories to tell.

If the Mad Max films can be turned into a decent video game, then why can't a video game franchise that obviously takes inspiration from the post-apocalyptic media franchise do the same but the other way around?

Sure, the Fallout franchise isn't the only notable post-apocalyptic series of video games. However, it is one of the best.

This series of titles has managed to set itself apart from other video games in numerous ways. For one, it has an immersive world filled with intricate details and stories to tell. Not to mention, it has a unique flair for comedy albeit in the darkest way possible.

Now, we definitely understand that translating the wastelands to a movie won't be an easy endeavor.

What most forget is that the universe has far too many stories to tell to run out of inspiration. Case in point, they could make one hell of a movie by simply expanding on the story of any one of the estimated 122 vaults scattered all over the United States.


We're pretty sure that many would line up to see a movie about shooting Nazis in an alternate-reality where Nazis won WWII.

One of its contemporaries, Doom, got greenlit for a movie way back in 2005. This, then, begs the question, why didn't studios think of making a movie based on Wolfenstein?

Just think about it. Killing Nazis never gets old. The setting is ripe for the taking.

What better way is there to give audiences a reason to cheer for a protagonist than a story that takes place in an alternate reality where the Nazis rule the world?

Besides, more than just glorified violence and killing, the Wolfenstein universe is also filled with interesting characters that help complete its unique Nazi-filled setting.

With several decades worth of material to pull from, any studio that decides to make a Wolfenstein movie will have plenty to work with.

Left 4 Dead

It'd be interesting to see how a director would handle a tense situation like finding a witch all the while running from a horde of zombies or even a tank.

Can you just imagine just how awesome a movie would be featuring just four people trying to survive against an endless horde of the undead?

Valve's zombie shooter told numerous unforgettable stories of survival that would easily translate into a tense movie experience that would have every zombie fan on the edge of their seats as the four survivors try their darndest to, well, survive.

2008's Cloverfield movie proved that you don't need a huge cast to tell a compelling story.

Anyone who is handed the reigns to a potential Left 4 Dead film could learn a lot from the good and bad things that Cloverfield did.

Watch Dogs

While the game might have failed to live up to expectations, the universe of Watch Dogs remains prime material for a movie.

So, yeah, not a single one of the Watch Dogs games turned out to be what they were initially expected.

Still, that doesn't mean to say that the setting doesn't hold promise.

The latest title, Watch Dogs: Legion, told a neat story of a group of hackers trying to fight against an oppressive British government set in an alternate reality.

So, why not go with that?

With today's audiences very curious about technological crimes from data mining to identity theft, a thriller take on this action-adventure franchise could look a lot like 2002's Minority Report.

Far Cry 3

A group of friends on a remote island, what could go wrong, right?

Why exactly Far Cry 3 when our other recommendations were based on franchises, not specific video games?

Well, for starters, Far Cry 3 has the best villain in the series.

We don't know just how good Giancarlo Esposito will be in Far Cry 6, but we do know that he'll have his work cut out for him, thanks to Michael Mando's masterful performance as one of the antagonists of Far Cry 3.

Vaas wasn't even the biggest baddie in Far Cry 3, but he stole the show, and we all know just how much moviegoers love fantastic villains.

Besides, when it comes to plot, the premise of Far Cry 3 is pretty straightforward, what with a bunch of kids finding themselves stranded on a remote island as they somehow find themselves in a life or death situation.


Most might tune in to the gameplay and shooting mechanics, but how the world of Overwatch came to be is actually quite interesting.

What is it with Blizzard and their games making for the perfect candidate for movie adaptations?

Overwatch's gameplay might be the highlight for its fans, but there's no doubt that some players got attached to the game because of the backstory. In particular, that of the many characters that they can play as in the game.

While Blizzard has done well with their cinematics, it's a shame that they haven't decided to make a full movie based on the game just yet.

Case in point, how the original Overwatch team formed, as well as the first Omnic crisis. This should make for the perfect setting for a CGI-based movie. Not to mention, releasing that would get everyone pumped up for the upcoming Overwatch 2 release.

Ray Ampoloquio
Ray is a lifelong gamer with a nose for keeping up with the latest news in and out of the gaming industry. When he's not reading, writing, editing, and playing video games, he builds and repairs computers in his spare time. You can find Ray on Twitter.
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