5 letter words beginning with ET – Wordle game help

Wordle, that devilishly addictive guessing game, hands you six tries to figure out a randomly selected five-letter word. Correctly nail a letter in its exact spot, and you're rewarded with a green square. A right letter, but not quite in the right place? That'll show up yellow. An out-and-out miss? A grey square is your prize.

The fact that you've made your way to this page tells us that you've got "E" and "T" lighting up in the first two positions of your Wordle grid. Well, you're in luck, because we've got just what you need - an exhaustive list of all five-letter words beginning with "ET":

  • etage
  • etape
  • etats
  • etens
  • ethal
  • ether
  • ethic
  • ethos
  • ethyl
  • etnas
  • ettin
  • ettle
  • etude
  • etuis
  • etwee
  • etyma

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