5 Best League of Legends: Wild Rift Champions for Beginners

Are you wondering which League of Legends: Wild Rift champions you should be playing if you're new to the game?

Garen is a top-tier champion with a straightforward Tank playstyle that's perfect for beginners.

Well, come right in.

While the game, in a nutshell, is basically a mobile version of the popular MOBA on the PC, League of Legends, it's also so much more than that. Riot made sure that it's not just a basic port nor a watered-down version of the original title. Rather, it's a game that was based on League of Legends but built specifically for mobile phones.

This means that, just because you're good at League of Legends, doesn't mean that you're going to do well in League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Or, at least, not right away.

The thing is that League of Legends: Wild Rift is its own game. It has its own set of nuances and idiosyncrasies that not only make it one of the best mobile MOBAs available today but also separate it from the PC title, which is why the champions that might have been easy to play on the PC title, might not be as easy to play in Wild Rift.

With that said, we're here to help.

Scroll down below to find out the best Wild Rift champions for beginners and why they make such good picks for newbies.

Understanding Wild Rift Champion Classes and Positions

Now, before anything else, let's talk about the classes first.

Similar to the original League of Legends, Wild Rift categorizes its champions based on their abilities and ideal playstyle.

Of course, it is always possible to deviate and play a champion the way you want to. However, this presents a huge risk of the champion being ineffective to the point of being useless. This is especially true if you're a beginner.

This is why it's important to understand the different champion classes in Wild Rift.

But, perhaps more important than the champion class in Wild Rift is the position you're playing them.

In Wild Rift, just like in League of Legends, there are five different positions that you can play your champion in.

To succeed in the game, you must know what kind of responsibilities playing at a particular position or role entitles you to so that you know what to do.

In our guide below, we'll pick one champion per role. This way, you can familiarize yourself with the different positions in the game and how they work.

The Best Wild Rift Champions for Beginners

Baron / Top Lane - Garen

Hard to take down and easy to master, Garen is the ideal hero to play in the Baron lane, especially for those new to Wild Rift.

The Baron or Top lane is arguably the most forgiving place to play in for those who are new to League of Legends: Wild Rift.

The isolated position of the lane will allow you to acclimate to the game better. It'll also help that you'll mostly be playing against other beginner players as well, so you won't be as heavily punished when you make mistakes.

Of course, that doesn't mean it's not without its dangers. In addition to being careful not to overplay your position and give the opposing champion a chance to outplay you, enemy junglers will occasionally pop in to try and gank you, especially if they can see a chance to take advantage of your poor positioning in the lane.

Now, considering this is a 1v1 lane, you'll want to play a champion that has a lot of sustainability.

The best example of this in the game, especially for beginners, is Garen.

Even if played by a beginner, trading blows against Garen is near-impossible if you're playing a melee champion. Although this isn't the case when up against ranged opponents, Garen's sustainability makes playing against ranged champions more manageable, especially later on in the game once you've started gaining levels.

Even better, Garen is a champion that, if you get an early lead, can snowball and pretty much dictate the outcome of the entire game.

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Mid Lane - Annie

Similar to the Baron or Top lane, the Mid is where beginners should try and play during their first few games because it's a 1v1 lane.

However, unlike with the Top where it's usually dominated by Tanks, the Mid is usually populated by Mages. Because of this, we recommend that you play Annie, as this bear-hugging lolita has a skillset filled with targeted spells instead of the usual skill-shot spells, allowing you to land more of your skills on enemy opponents with ease.

In addition to harassing enemy champions, you can also use the said targeted spells to kill minions in Wild Rift, and in case you're in danger, Annie has a movement speed ability so she's not exactly that easy to catch.

Now, this isn't to say that Annie is without her complications. She's rather soft and you'll need to know how to set up her ultimate, Summon: Tibbers, by making sure that your opponent is immobile first.

All in all, Annie is an incredibly rewarding champion that's not too complicated to play at the same time.

Dragon / Bottom Lane (AD Carry) - Jinx

The AD Carry is not a position to take lightly.

A lot rides on how successful you are farming items on your champion, so you'll want to make sure that you know what you're doing first before you decide to play as an AD Carry. But, if you must insist, Jinx is a great champion for beginners.

This ranged champion has multiple ranged abilities, all of which deal tons of damage. This allows you to farm from afar and in relative safety.

Although we don't really recommend playing as Jinx long-term if you plan on taking Wild Rift seriously as she's very rarely been considered a top-tier champion, she's one of the best Wild Rift champions for beginners who have yet to develop a good understanding of how the game works.

Dragon / Bottom Lane (Support) - Janna

Janna's not a complicated champion to play and while she doesn't have much impact on her own, she can change the course of the game if played right, even by beginners.

If you have to play in the Dragon or Bottom lane in your first couple of games in Wild Rift, we recommend playing a ranged Mage support.

While most Mage support heroes are fairly easy to learn, Janna is one of those that can have a significant impact even in the hands of beginners. Her entire kit is predicated on either helping allies escape, close in on enemy champions, or survive close encounters.

Jungler - Master Yi

The best thing about Master Yi is that there are plenty of videos of how professional Junglers play him in a competitive setting that can help guide beginners such as yourself.

Master Yi is arguably one of the more popular champions in League of Legends, and for a good reason - he looks cool and he's often featured in highlight plays.

But while he's seen often in competitive games, Master Yi is actually a beginner-friendly champion.

For starters, his entire kit allows him to be played in the Jungle by a beginner who has little idea of what to do. He has a passive that lets him do twice his basic attack damage and a skill that lets him do damage to multiple units while also avoiding damage himself. He can even heal himself and become harder to kill by reducing incoming damage.

Lastly, Master Yi can also boost his attack and movement speed while being immune to spells that slow him down.

All in all, Master Yi is a pretty self-sufficient champion that's perfect for those who are still trying to learn how playing as a Jungler works in Wild Rift.

Are Wild Rift Champions for Beginners Weak?

Not necessarily.

Even though the Wild Rift champions we recommended are relatively easy to play for those new to the game, they're not weak. As a matter of fact, they're some of the most powerful champions in the game. Some of them are frequently found in the higher levels of play.

The only reason why we recommended them is because of their skill set, otherwise known as kits.

These Wild Rift champions for beginners often have targeted spells or passive abilities or simple skill-shots or a combination of all three. This allows you to focus less on landing your skills properly. You'll also be able to turn your attention towards learning how to play the objectives of your chosen role more effectively.

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