It appears that 343 is working on at least one more Halo game

In addition to Halo Infinite, it appears that 343 Industries is also working on another Halo game in secret.

It's not unusual for studios to work on multiple games simultaneously, especially they all belong to the same franchise. Although most devote their resources towards one game, some studios assign a handful to start working on a second title. This way, once the first title is released, the rest of the development team can move on to working on the second game, which could either be a sequel, prequel, and/or spin-off.

343 might be busy making Halo Infinite the best Halo that it can be, but it's already preparing for the future of the Halo franchise.

Having said that, it appears that 343 Industries is working on at least one more Halo game outside of Halo Infinite.

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343 is already preparing for a future beyond Halo Infinite

Some fans are hoping that the rumored Halo title is a new Halo Wars game.

It's crazy to think that 343 Industries has been making Halo games for over a decade. The first-party Microsoft studio took over the helm from Bungie starting with 2011's Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and has been making Halo games exclusively since. However, 343 has yet to step out of Bungie's shadow, with many long-time Halo fans still considering Bungie's Halo titles as the best in the series. Although this is up for debate, what can't be denied is how committed 343 is to making each Halo game they develop into the best it could be.

Case in point, Halo Infinite. It takes a lot of courage for a developer to delay what was supposed to be a launch title for the Xbox Series S/X, especially if it's Halo. However, a little over a year after it was originally intended to release, Halo Infinite is drawing a lot of praise from critics and audiences alike.

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Even though Halo Infinite still hasn't been released yet, players are already flocking the free-to-play multiplayer component after it became available on November 15.

Now, a Windows Central reporter claims that 343 Industries has at least one more Halo game in the docket. Unfortunately, Jez Corden did not provide any other intel outside of confirming that it is in the works. Most likely, Corden does not know if this is a spin-off or a sequel and just how far along the game is in its development cycle.

Of course, it's best to take this information with a heavy dose of salt. 343 still hasn't finished working on Halo Infinite yet. The studio promised that other components such as the Forge Mode and the co-op campaign are going to come in 2022. Not to mention, Halo Infinite has a live-service element to it, so 343 will have its hands full for at least the next year or two. But, who knows? Microsoft is a big enough company to hire additional people to help out 343, especially if it needs help working on Halo Infinite and a new Halo game simultaneously.

In the meantime, Halo fans can keep themselves busy with the game's multiplayer campaign ahead of the single-player campaign's launch on December 8, 2021.

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