343 Industries to reset Halo Infinite competitive ranks on February 22

Because of a flawed ranking system, 343 is making all Halo Infinite players go back to square one.

343 Industries' redemption tour continues. After delaying Halo Infinite for over a year, 343 finally released the game to both critical acclaim and commercial success in late 2021. Several months later, 343 continues to make tweaks and improvements to Halo Infinite in a bid to turn it into a successful live-service game. As part of its latest changes to the game, 343 is resetting the ranks of all Halo Infinite competitive players.

Reset Halo Infinite Ranks February
Don't worry, if you're as good as your previous rankings, you should make the climb up in no time.

343's community manager, John Junyszek, uploaded a new Halo Waypoint post explaining the changes. One of the biggest takeaways is that players might have to find themselves a full rank lower going forward after placement. According to Junyszek, Halo Infinite's "Competitive Skill Ranking" system was "overly generous". 343 blames this systematic issue for the imbalance of player skill across Halo Infinite's competitive matches. 343 is hoping to solve this by changing the CSR for a more accurate reflection of a player's skill.

Reset Halo Infinite Ranks February
Despite all the criticism, 343 has done an excellent job keeping players in the loop of anything that's going on in Halo Infinite.

The silver lining here is that 343 raised the cap on how high players can rank after playing their first ten placement matches. Instead of the Diamond 1 placement cap, players can go up as high as Diamond 5 after placement. 343 added that this will minimize the disruption the rankings reset will cause and make it so that Onyx players "spend less time in Diamond since the system already knows that they are likely an Onyx player."

Unfortunately, Junyszek clarified that this isn't the only time that 343 is going to reset ranks mid-season. Specifically, Junyszek said this is "only the beginning" with "more to go after." If it's any consolation, 343 promises to consider player feedback and in-game data before making changes. This means that, if fewer players complain about the skill disparity in Halo Infinite, 343 won't have to reset the rankings again so soon.

At the end of the day, Halo Infinite players should be thankful that 343 is so concerned about maintaining a competitive and healthy matchmaking system.

In other news, Paramount+'s Halo series got a new trailer ahead of its March 24 premiere. Unfortunately, it appears that Halo Infinite is losing traction among players. Although it's not bleeding users nearly as much as Battlefield 2042, Microsoft's marquee shooter lost 90% of its player base on PC with similar numbers on the Xbox consoles.

Reset Halo Infinite Ranks February
Halo Infinite needs more substantial updates if it is to retain a larger player base.

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