343 explains Halo Infinite progression system as criticism mounts

Halo Infinite won't give players XP per match. Instead, progression is tied to the Battle Pass and other challenges.

343 Industries is under heavy fire for its decision to switch up the progression system of Halo Infinite. Unlike its predecessors, Halo Infinite is not going to give players XP for completing matches. Instead, the developers want progression in the game to come from all the challenges listed on the Battle Pass, among others.

Halo Infinite's new progression system sure have ruffled some feathers.

Due to the mounting criticism, 343 has issued a statement addressing all the concerns that fans have raised about Infinite's new progression system.

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343 clarifies Halo Infinite's multiplayer progression system

343 has done a masterful job at dealing with the criticism that has come its way lately.

Traditionally, first-person shooters let players level up their battle pass just by playing the game. This is how Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and similar games have done it for years. It effectively rewards players for just playing the game. However, because Halo Infinite will not reward players XP just by completing matches, gamers worry that it will affect how games are played. In particular, the main concern is that players will waste time completing challenges to make progress in their Halo Infinite battle pass.

343 clarifies in its latest blog post that their decision isn't final. Instead, the studio will continue to look at the ways to add other progression options in Halo Infinite post-launch. For now, though, 343 assured fans that Halo Infinite will have more than enough Daily and Weekly challenges to complete. 343 also added that they designed the challenges so that they "never directly conflict with the objective of the match."

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According to 343, they have a pool of several hundred Weekly Challenges and more Daily Challenges in different difficulty tiers and stages. The more difficult the task is, the more XP players will gain for its completion.

All things considered, Halo Infinite is shaping up nicely.

Right now, 343 could use some positive publicity. The studio has found itself on the receiving end of plenty of criticism over the past year. It all stems from their decision to delay Halo Infinite to its current date following fan backlash from the quality of last year's build. A series of issues hasn't helped endear fans to 343 either. Case in point, Halo Infinite won't have Forge and Campaign Co-Op modes at launch.

343 previously addressed fan concerns about the progression system and their latest statement guarantees that the studio will continue working on the game for at least the next two years.

Here's hoping that 343 finally catches itself a much-deserved break. Fingers-crossed, fans will have nothing but good things to say about Halo Infinite after 343 confirmed that it plans on holding two technical previews for the game over the next two weekends.

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