2K Signs Tiger Woods to Exclusivity Deal with PGA Tour Franchise

Considered by many as the best professional golfer in history, 2K has signed Tiger Woods in an exclusive deal to for a future PGA Tour 2K title.

Bringing Tiger Woods back to the PGA Tour franchise could be just the boost that it needs.
Bringing Tiger Woods back to the PGA Tour franchise could be just the boost that it needs.

2K made the announcement official via their Twitter account, which included a celebratory video hyping up the highly awaited return of the former face of professional golfing to the long-running golf simulator franchise.

The Future of PGA Tour 2K Is Looking Good

With Tiger Woods secured, 2K will have another star to draw in players to its PGA Tour games. More importantly, the exclusive deal will also extend to other golfing games published by 2K during the length of the partnership.

In addition to exclusively, Tiger Woods will also act as both a consultant and executive director for PGA Tour. Meanwhile, 2K will also work closely with Woods' TGR Foundation to help students in need of help with their academic needs.

PGA Tour has definitely seen better days. The lack of professional golfing legends as playable characters has affected public reception of the PGA Tour titles, specifically, PGA Tour 2K21. However, by signing Tiger Woods to an exclusivity deal, 2K has just brought in one of the biggest stars in the game. This will hopefully make it easier to sign others.

With that said, this is hardly the first time that Tiger Woods has appeared in a video game. He was formerly the poster boy of the PGA Tour titles published by EA from 1998 all the way until 2013. But, following a series of controversies, the golfing star was replaced by Rory McIlroy. Unfortunately, Woods did not retain his position for too long.

Following Woods' departure, EA would decide to put the PGA Tour franchise on hiatus starting in 2016.

PGA Tour 2K21 will serve as 2K's first big foray into professional golfing and it only makes sense that they tap the most recognizable star in the sport to help pump up the sales. This comes just right in time as well. 2K needs another title to pair with NBA 2K for their annual releases.

Considering WWE 2K21 essentially forced Visual Concepts to take a year off to work on the next installment - a more arcade-like take on professional wrestling in WWE 2K Battlgrounds was released in its stead - the next PGA Tour title will slow in just find alongside NBA 2K22 when it releases, later on, this year.

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