10 Best Cyberpunk 2077 Easter Eggs

As should be expected from the developers of The Witcher video game franchise, Cyberpunk 2077's world, centered mostly on Night City, is incredibly vast and detailed.

Hopefully, they'll add a costume or armor inspired by Iron Man later on in the game.

It definitely seems like CD Projekt RED did not put those nearly 10 years of development to waste. However, as it turns out, the developers didn't just spend all of that time crafting an entirely new world.

Just as they did with The Witcher games, specifically, The Witcher 3, CDPR filled Cyberpunk 2077 with easter eggs and references to other video games, as well as pop culture and media.

Scroll down below to find 10 of the best Cyberpunk 2077 easter eggs we've found so far (spoilers ahead, beware!).

CJ and Big Smoke in Night City

The developers even went as far as to place a half-eaten hamburger sandwich beside Little Smoke's body.

One of the best easter eggs that you'll find in Cyberpunk 2077 pays homage to two of the most iconic characters in video game history, in arguably their respective game's most memorable mission.

Basically, all you need to do is to go to the train tracks just outside of Rivers Trailer Park before you get to the tunnel.

There, you'll find two characters named "Little Smoke" and "JC", which is clearly a play on the names of the protagonist of GTA San Andreas, CJ, and his friend-turned-villain, Big Smoke.

CD Projekt RED even went as far as to feature a journal detailing the last conversation between the two characters that directly references "Wrong Side of the Tracks", a mission in GTA San Andreas where the two have to ride a motorcycle to follow a train filled with their gangster rivals.

In addition to this, you'll find the iconic "Grove Street" from GTA San Andreas in Cyberpunk 2077, which it's called home by the "6th Street Gang".

BB in Cyberpunk 2077

The BB Pod is a central figure from Death Stranding, a video game developed by Kojima Productions, helmed by none other than the creator of the legendary Metal Gears franchise, Hideo Kojima.

As part of River's questline later on in the game, you'll find yourself having to sneak into a certain lab. If you happen to explore one of the backrooms, you'll find a very familiar BB Pod figure from Death Stranding floating around and being showcased.

A Wild Kojima Appears

Not content with just having one of his creations featured in Cyberpunk 2077, the man, the myth, and the legend himself, Hideo Kojima, makes a personal appearance in the game.

Hideo Kojima himself makes an appearance in Cyberpunk 2077, as a character named Oshima.

You'll find Oshima fairly early on in the game. In fact, you'll find him lounging about in a hotel bar, acting smug, if you decide to check out the hotel bar during "The Heist", which is the final quest of the game's prologue.

Even better, you can actually converse with Hideo Kojima in the game. Although, if we're being honest, it's not an experience we'd say that you'll relish.

Roach Race

Fans of The Witcher franchise will find Geralt's beloved horse making an appearance in Cyberpunk 2077 in the form of a video game.

One of the game's arcade machines will feature a game called "Roach Race", which, as you guessed it, is a reference to Roach, a name that, for some reason, Geralt, the protagonist of The Witcher franchise, prefers to call his horses.

In addition to this, you'll find other references to Roach in Cyberpunk 2077 as well. You can even add a Roach sticker via the game's Photo Mode.

Blade Runner Reference

Cyberpunk 2077 is full of Blade Runner references, which isn't entirely surprising since Blade Runner is widely credited for giving birth to the entire Cyberpunk genre.

Batty's Hotel is a clear reference to Roy Batty, who is the main antagonist in Blade Runner by Ridley Scott.

There are other references to Roy Batty in the game as well. This includes a plaque in the memorial of the character.

Ciri Easter Egg

One of the earliest Cyberpunk 2077 easter eggs, you'll find Ciri in a magazine just minutes into the game.

You don't actually have to wait longer than the first few minutes of the game to get an easter egg.

Arguably the earliest Cyberpunk 2077 easter egg features Ciri, a central character in The Witcher franchise, is featured in a copy of "Retro Gaming" magazine.

You'll find the magazine inside your office if you choose the Corpo lifepath. It's hidden away inside one of your desk drawers.

The Batmobile

The Caliburn is clearly inspired by the Batmobile and is one of the fastest automobiles in the game.

More than just a passing reference, the Batmobile actually exists in Cyberpunk 2077. However, it doesn't sport the same name. Instead, it's referred to as the "Caliburn" and you'll find it fairly easy.

All you have to do is to go to a hidden cave in the outskirts east of Night City.

Once you reach the end, you'll find the car, along with other goodies that are clearly inspired by the dark knight himself.

A Literal Ghost in the Shell

Yes, that is literally a ghost inside a shell.

One of the game's romantic interests, Judy Alvarez, uses a calling icon that pays homage to Ghost in the Shell.

For those that don't know, Ghost in the Shell is one of the most influential franchises in the cyberpunk genre.

The Cake is Gone

The cake is actually not a lie, but it's gone.

If you follow the Epistrophy questline in Cyberpunk 2077, you'll find yourself treated to a familiar voice after driving up to the cab and speaking to Delamain.

Unfortunately, while the cake is true in this game, you can't exactly have it for yourself.

Iron Man Easter Egg

Hopefully, they'll patch in a costume or an armor inspired by Iron Man later on.

Thomas Star? Militech Engineer? The Wraiths?

Just in case it wasn't already obvious, this is clearly a play on what happened to Tony Stark, also known as "Iron Man", in the opening sequence of 2008's Iron Man, the movie that started it all for the MCEU.

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