Q. How do I cancel or delete my Xfire account?
A. Currently, there is no User option to cancel an account. Like many other free services on the Internet, we do not recycle accounts.

Here's one thing you can do to protect your info before discontinuing your use of the program. In your Xfire client, go to the Tools | Options | Privacy tab and uncheck "Show on my profile and mini-profile." This will hide your extended profile information, gaming history, and friends list from other users browsing the website.

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Q. How do I uninstall the XO Toolbar?
A. The XO Toolbar can be uninstalled through your browser's Add-ons menu.
  • FireFox: Tools → Add-ons → Extensions.
  • Google Chrome: Click the spanner icon → Tools → Extensions.
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Q. How do I set my profile to private?
A. In the Xfire client, click Tools → Options → Privacy. From there, uncheck "Show on my profile and mini-profile".

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Q. I have a game installed on my computer that is supported by Xfire, but when I start playing my status never shows the game. Why does this happen?
A. If you are running a game on your computer that is on our list of supported games, it will not show up in Xfire if the Windows registry tags are missing or incorrect. If you have relocated the game on your hard drive without doing an actual installation, or installed on a Windows NT-type computer but not as an administrator, this could cause the problem. Xfire uses the game's registry tags to know where a game is installed, and how to detect it.

To fix this:
  1. Go to your Tools | Options | Games tab.
  2. Find the games you have on your system in the 'Not installed' list.
  3. Highlight the game name and the "Manual Detect" radio button.
  4. Click 'Browse'.
  5. Find the folder that contains the .exe file for that game and click 'Ok'.
  6. Click 'Apply'.
Check your Tools | Launch menu to verify that the game is now detected.

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Q. How do I delete friends from Xfire?
A. If your initial enthusiasm with Xfire now has you responding to messages from your newfound friends 24 hours a day, it may be time to pare down the list a little. Simply right-click on a friend in the "Friends Online" or "Friends Offline" section, hit delete, and that person will be removed from your list.

However, since the "Friends of Friends" section is created from your friends' buddy lists, there's no way to remove people individually from that section. You can collapse the entire section by going to the Tools menu in Xfire, clicking Options, and unchecking "Show Friends of my Friends" on the Privacy tab.

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Q. How do I add friends to my Friends list?
A. With extreme ease. Is your friend already an Xfire member? Then add them to your Xfire friends network by selecting "Tools", and "Add Friend" in the Xfire interface. Or, you can just click on the "Add" button at the bottom of the screen. Type in your friend's Xfire username (or search for them using the fields available), and when he or she logs onto Xfire the next time, your friend will receive an invitation to join your Friends List.

Assuming your friend accepts your offer, both of you are added to each other's Friends List.

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Q. My game is seen in the 'Installed Games' list, but when I launch the game, Xfire does not detect it or change my status. Why?
A. The most common solution for this problem is to run your game as Administrator. To do this, right-click on the game icon and select "Run As Administrator".

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Q. A game I play is not supported by Xfire. What can I do to get it supported?
A. Our goal is to support every old and new game ever released! You can help us by requesting a game in this forum.

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Q. Why can't I join games like JointOps and Call of Duty MW2?
A. These developers do not allow their multi-player servers to be joined using a "command line". This is the way Xfire allows you to "one-click join" into servers.

Since there is no joining, there is no server list in the Xfire servers tab. You should still be able to launch the game from Xfire and track your hours.

Visit our Games page to see which games have "one-click join" support from Xfire.

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Q. Why does my game server show up in Xfire as the wrong country?
A. We use the database from, which is updated on the 1st of each month.

If you find an IP address that is displayed incorrectly in Xfire, please report it to

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Q. I really want to use Xfire In-Game but I do not have a Scroll Lock key on my keyboard. Is there a way change the hot keys?
A. Yes! You can define your own two key combination to bring up the Xfire In-Game interface. Here's how:
  1. Go to your Tools menu in Xfire.
  2. Choose Options.
  3. Click on the Xfire In-Game tab.
  4. Find the Xfire In-Game key binding button and click it.
  5. Now press and hold a two key combination and release them to set it.
  6. Press OK, and you're done.
The next time you run a game the new key combination will take effect. You will also need to press the keys in the order you set them.

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Q. What is the maximum video file size that I can upload?
A. The current limit is roughly 200mb or 10 minutes total. There is a 10GB storage limit per account.

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Q. I'm using Windows Vista/7 to record videos, but I get no sound.
A. By default, Windows Vista disables and hides all sound recording devices.

To enable Stereo Mix (or another recording device) in Windows Vista:
  1. Go to your 'Control Panel'.
  2. Double click 'Sound'.
  3. Click the recording tab.
  4. Right-click on the white background of the tab and click 'show disabled devices'.
  5. Right-click on the device that is on the list and click enable.
  6. You should now be able to select this device for recording in both Windows Vista and Xfire.
  7. You'll need to go to Tools | Options | Video tab in Xfire and select the newly enabled device under 'Audio Device'.
  8. The audio coming through that device will now be recorded in your videos.
For a visual description of how to do this please see this Xfire Wiki link:

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Q. What is Flashback Video Capture and how do I use it?
A. Flashback Video Capture is an enhanced Video Capture function that allows you to record video several seconds before you actually press the Video Capture keybinding.

It can be activated in the Xfire client by going to Tools | Options | Video tab and checking the 'Enable Flashback Capture' box.

It can store the following number of frames in memory to record when you start a video capture:
  • Low - 150 frames
  • Medium - 300 frames
  • High - 450 frames
  • Very High - 600 frames
Depending on your Flashback Memory Usage setting, this could be only a couple seconds all the way up to a dozen or more. Basically, what this means is that if something cool happens in your game (like an awesome kill streak) but you forgot to record it on video, you can still hit your video capture keybind to capture some of the action that just happened several seconds in the past.

One thing to note is that Flashback Video Capture is an extremely CPU and memory intensive process. The better your PC (processor and RAM), the higher quality and resolution captures you can do. Users with dual core machines and/or users with 4GB RAM or more will notice significantly less of a frame rate hit while recording with Flashback enabled than users that are running single core machines or with less than 4GB RAM. This also means that if you already experience frame rate issue with normal Video Capture without Flashback enabled, your game may simply become unplayable with Flashback enabled.

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Q. I get an error message that says "Xfire has detected that xfire_toucan.dll did not load." What does this mean and how do I fix it?
A. This means the .dll file that controls several important Xfire functions like network detection and In game messaging is missing or corrupted. To fix this:
  1. Do not uninstall Xfire.
  2. Make sure Xfire is not running.
  3. Download the latest Xfire full installer here.
  4. Reinstall over your existing Xfire directory. Confirm that you wish to overwrite the existing install.
  5. Run Xfire again to be sure the problem is corrected.
If this error still appears when you try to run Xfire, then it is most likely that you have an antivirus running which is quarantining the file. Add the file as an exception to your antivirus.

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Q. Why do I get a High Latency message when I chat with my friend?
A. Here's how it works and why you get the latency message:
  1. User 1 sends IM to User 2.
  2. IM hits our server and is then sent to User 2.
  3. User 2's Xfire client sends message back to server saying "I got the IM".
If the server doesn't get that message back within 8 seconds of User 1 sending the server the IM, User 1's client says "High Latency..". This can be caused by anything in that networking path on your end or your friend's side (router, software firewall etc.).

If you get the "high latency detected warning" when chatting with any of your friends, adjust your Xfire file transfer settings (Tools | Options | Files).

If you only get the "high latency detected warning" for one or two friends, have them adjust their Xfire file transfer settings.

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Q. I get low frame rates in game while running Xfire. Why and how can I fix this?
A. This is usually caused by another program "hooking" into the game in a similar fashion to Xfire In-Game messaging. Examples include: older versions of FRAPS, Ati Tray Tools OSD, mouse utility applications, basically any other program that can draw on screen while you are playing a game.

To fix it, you can either disable the other application or Xfire In-Game. If you are unsure which application is causing the conflict with Xfire you can also submit a debug log for us to take a look at.

Instructions for disabling Xfire in-game:
  1. Log into Xfire, click on the "Tools" menu, and select "Options".
  2. When the options screen appears, click on the "Xfire In-Game" tab.
  3. Find the check box that says "Enable Xfire In-Game" and uncheck it.
  4. Click the "Ok" button at the bottom of the options screen
  5. Exit Xfire completely by right-clicking Xfire in the system tray and selecting Exit. Logging Off will not be enough to make this change occur. You must exit Xfire for the setting to take effect.
  6. Restart Xfire, log in, and relaunch/join a game to see if it works.
If, after performing the steps above, your game works fine, then the problem was with the Xfire In-Game system. In order to help you troubleshoot why your system doesn't work with In-Game, we need a bit of information about your system. There are 2 log files that you can post or send to us that will help us to diagnose the problem.

The first file is generated by Direct X. To create this log file, you will need to follow these steps:
  1. Go to your start menu
  2. Select "run"
  3. When the run dialog window appears, enter "dxdiag.exe" in the "open:" field and click the "OK" button.
  4. When the Direct X Diagnostic Tool window appears, click on the button that says "Save all Information".
  5. Click "Save" on the "Save As" screen that appears to create a file on your desktop that's named "Dxdiag.txt".
The second log file is generated by Xfire, but you will need to follow these steps in order to create it:
  1. Make sure you exit the game. It may even be helpful to reboot the PC before creating the log file.
  2. Turn Xfire In-Game messaging back on. (Tools | Options | Xfire In-Game. Check Show chat messages in game. Exit and restart Xfire)
  3. In Xfire click Tools | Options | General tab.
  4. Click the Advanced button.
  5. Check the box labeled "In-Game debugging".
  6. Click OK | Click OK again.
  7. Exit Xfire completely and restart Xfire.
You will receive a message that Advanced Options are enabled. This is to remind you to turn them off when you are done creating the debug log.
  1. Launch the game you are having trouble with from Xfire Tools | Launch.
  2. Once in game, press your key combo to activate XIG (Scroll Lock + X)
  3. Exit the game and exit Xfire.
  4. After the game fails, exit Xfire, and go to your Xfire application data directory.
    • For XP users, the path is C:\Documents and Settings\your windows user name\Application Data\xfire
    • For Vista, the path is C:\users\your windows user name\AppData\Roaming\xfire
  5. There should be a file called "xfire_toucan_log.txt". Copy this file to your desktop along with the "Dxdiag.txt" file you created in the steps above.
Now that you have both of these files created, send an e-mail with both logs as an attachment, the game title, a link to your thread in our Tech Support forums and a brief description of what exactly occurs (error reports, etc.) to with the subject line of "in game logs - title of the game". Once we've received the log files, our engineering team will look through them to find out why this is happening.

Be sure to go back into the Advanced options and disable In-Game debugging once you have sent off the log files. Continuing to append the debug log can cause performance issues in Xfire.

Once we complete our investigation into the issue, we'll post back to your forum thread with more information.

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Q. I am trying to join a core community, but it tells me I am already in 5 core communities, which I am not. Why does it do this?
A. Outstanding applications and invitations to core communities count towards your core community limit. You can cancel these outstanding applications/invitations here:

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Q. How do I start a community?
A.Head over to the Communities page and under the "Your Communities" box, click "Create Community".

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Q. How do I join a community?
A. First, the e-mail address listed in your Xfire Profile must be a valid e-mail address that can be verified.

Select the community you wish to join from the directory. Click "Apply for Membership!" If you wish, enter a message for the community founder and then click "Submit Application!"

The community founder will then decide whether or not to approve your membership. Once approved, all of the members of the community will automatically be added to a custom group in your Xfire client.

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Q. How do I leave a community?
A. Here are the steps:
  1. First make sure you are logged into with the correct user name.
  2. Go to the Communities home page.
  3. Under the "Communities" box, click the name of the community you wish to leave.
  4. On the left side of the page, click 'Leave'
  5. You will get a confirmation dialog to make sure you want to leave your community.
  6. Once you select Yes, the community group will be removed from your Xfire Friends list.
Note: If you are the administrator of the community, you must assign Rank 1 permissions to someone else before leaving or remove all members and pending invites/applications.

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Q. How many members can be in a community?
A. The current maximum number of core community members is 300. Unlimited communities do not have a limit.

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Q. I left my clan. How do I get back in?
A. You must be invited back by a ranking member of the community with permission to invite and/or approve new members.

If there are no members in the community to invite you back and you are the Founder, apply to the clan and you should be automatically accepted back in.

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Q. How can I delete a clan?
A. Much like usernames, we do not delete clans.

You are always welcome to create a new clan with an altered short name.

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Q. I am the founder of my clan and I set my clan to 'Invitation Only' and then left my clan. How can I join my clan again?
A. No worries! You can still get back into your clan by going here:

Be sure to insert your clan short name into the url before visiting the link.

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Q. When I view my community in the Xfire friends tab I'm unable to see my community members. Why?
A. First, check to make sure the community list is expanded. You can tell if your list is expanded by looking at the white arrow to the left of the community name. If it's pointing to the right that means the list is closed. To open it, double click on your community name.

If your community shows a BOX instead of an ARROW next to it, that means it's an unlimited community. Unlimited communities can have unlimited members.

Because of this, Xfire will not list them all in the client as this could potentially cause performance issues with communities that have hundreds or thousands of members.

You can still see your community members by accessing the community web page.

Here's how to do it from the Xfire client:
  1. Click on your community in the friends tab.
  2. Now you'll see information about your community in the infoview (window to the right side of your friends list).
  3. Simply click the link under your community name to be directed to your community's web page.
Here's how to do it from the Xfire website:
  1. Click the 'Communities' link at the top of the website.
  2. From there you'll be able to select which clan you'd like to view.
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