Community: =.C.L.A.= (Central Liberty Alliance)

This clan is all about teamwork, coordination and discipline.

in here we seek to achieve victory through teamwork, excellent training and discipline, to never leave a comrade behind on the battlefield nomatter the reason.

we focus not on numbers but on spirit, skill, experience, discipline and determination.

you can choice two ways to join.

1st is to be voulenteerly and then you may leave and enter whenever you want but you will have limited access and benefits.(Ps you may join in a tour of duty as well to just get a taste)

2nd. join in permamently

you may have to think on this one cause once youre in, youre in.
permament enlisting will enable you to reach a higher rank and more benefits, you may also join any other clan that isn't hostile towards us (we don't care as long as you do not betray us).

on acception you will receive basic training and get a little bit of studying to do (whether youre seasoned or not you will be trained).

there is more information avaible in the Document th

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