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Xfire Facebook App

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Xfire Profile displays various information from Xfire on your Facebook profile. You are able to display your gaming history, favorite servers, and your gaming rig! Stay tuned for many more exciting features in the near future.


Xfire Plus!

The Xfire Facebook application is brought to you by the team at Xfire Plus.

Xfire Plus! is a site full of plugins and modifications for Xfire. The music plugin can show what song you are listening to, in 11 different music players, to your friends on Xfire. Multi-IM lets you connect to MSN Messenger service right inside Xfire and chat with your MSN buddies in-game. Custom Xfire Sigs lets you create an entire custom miniprofile, and you get to choose the background, information shown, and where it goes, with the easy to use CXS Editor.

Facebook Application Team: Dennis Robinson, Jordan Toor, Stephen Swires

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