Enter The Plateau - Again!

Enter The Plateau 2.0

Following up on our first broadcast event, Enter the Plateau, Xfire, Nihilum and Dyyno are back for another video trip to the hardest World of Warcraft instance, Sunwell Plateau. Welcome to Enter the Plateau 2.0!

While it is still in beta stage, the Dyyno technology is improving as the viewer cap increases to 3,000 4,000 viewer concurrent users.

To access the live video stream, install the plug-in now and click on one of the four classes buttons to the right of the page once the event has started. By doing so, you will get into the action from the point of view of the class you selected.

Important notes:
· We have a 3,000 4,000 viewer cap; make sure you show up on time.
· You may downlaod and test the Dyyno video plug-in (required to watch the broadcast) now. Click here to install and test.
· You cannot watch several streams at a time. Pick one!

Nihilum faces off against Kil'jaeden!

Chat with other WoW viewers about the raid in moderated Xfire chat rooms.

While you're watching the raid, we're offering to join various chat rooms on Xfire where you can talk with other viewers and get technical assistance. This way, you will be able to share your thoughts and comments about the streaming and the raid.

Central Command: You won't be able to talk here, but official announcements will be made in this room. And we're told the Nihilum guys might show up there at the end of the broadcast to discuss the raid.

Projection Room: In this room you will be able to comment the broadcast and raid with other viewers.

Troubleshooting: The Dyyno technology is improving every day but it is still is in its beta stage. This room, moderated by technical specialists, is where you'll get answers to potential technical issues.

About Nihilum

NIHILUM, a Leading WoW Guild

Nihilum In case you're coming back from too long a trip into the real world, here's an introduction to top guild - and Xfire broadcasters - Nihilum.

Nihilum is a Horde guild on Magtheridon EU, considered to be the #1 World of Warcraft PvE guild in the world. Nihilum has achieved the world first kills for every final boss of every 25-man raid from Gruul's Lair to The Black Temple, as well as Ahn'Qiraj and Naxxramas. The guild can also claim that it made all the world first kills within the raid dungeon of The Black Temple.


June 25th, 2008 at 19:00 CEST
(1pm EDT / 10am PDT)

The broadcast will last approximately 3-4 hours.
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This broadcast has concluded at 23:00 CEST.

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This event has a 3,000 4,000 viewer maximum, so make sure to show up on time!

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