Rufus Cubed E3 Video #3
The Last E3 Video... Ever.

Follow Ezra, Terran and Johnny of Rufus Cubed around the E3 floor as they check out the latest FPS offerings. This video also features two original songs, "Booth Babes" and "Headshot Newbie Blues," and a cameo appearance from a special internet superstar.

If you missed it previously, check out Xfire E3 Video: Episode 1 and Episode 2.

Click here to see Episode 1 streamed.

Click here to see Episode 2 streamed.

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Rufus Cubed consists of a group of talented individuals who have participated in past Xfire machinima contests and events - they most recently participated in the Gaming Movie Gathering Machinima Maker Chat. Johnny V is the creator of the WoW machinima movie VC, which won 2nd place in the Drama category. Terran and Ezra teamed up to create the Blizzard/Xfire WoW Movie Contest 2006 1st place winner Billy Maclure and also Return, which won numerous movie awards including the Blizzcon Movie Contest and the Golden Llama.
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Stephen Glicker (AKA Gaming Steve) has spent most of his life playing video games, designing games, or writing about games. Stephen has taught courses in interactive design, game design and 3D animation at prestigious universities. He has given a large number of lectures and workshops throughout the country and continues to speak at various venues. In addition he runs the gaming site Gaming Steve and publishes his semi-weekly podcast "Gaming Steve", which covers all aspects of the gaming scene.

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