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Join Xfire on April 28th for the 15th meeting of the Xfire Debate Club! This time we'll talk about the rise of Mobile gaming and try to determine whether mobile games appeal to traditional PC gamers and even seasoned handheld gamers. Is mobile gaming a fad or the future?
  • Will Apple, Nokia and Samsung ever replace Nintendo and Sony in gamers' hearts?
  • Can mobile terminals provide a quality gaming experience to avid gamers now? In the future?
  • How will the newly born applications stores influence gaming?
  • Will you play Call of Duty on your mobile instead of your PC anytime soon? Ever?
Have something to say? Join industry professionals, gaming journalists and your fellow gamers as we all debate the rise of mobile games!

More Guests To Be Announced Soon!

Our Guests

MODERATOR: Rob Hearn - Editor, Pocket Gamer

Having obtained a distinguished education, Rob now plays video games and looks after Pocket Gamer in his underwear for a living.

The heart wants what it wants.

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Antoine Doumenc - Head of Global Games Marketing, Nokia

Antoine Doumenc is the head of the global Marketing and business development for Nokia games activities. In this role he's driving the company effort to support the Mobile industry growth through multiple gaming services including N-Gage. During his 13 years at Nokia, Antoine has held a number of important management positions in the organization like heading the Game Platform Sales for Games in Nokia Multimedia, where he was responsible for bringing the Next generation Mobile Gaming to industry partners Born in Paris, Antoine has a Master of Sciences degree from the Ecole Française d'Electronique et Informatique. He also spent six months studying as an exchange student under the Erasmus Program at The University of Vaasa, in Finland. An avid paragliding enthusiast, when he isn't on the job, Antoine can usually be found swirling in the thermals in the Alps.

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Xav de Matos - Editor,

After flipping a coin to decide which industry he would devote his life work to, Xav de Matos turned to the wonderful world of video games. Today, he spends a considerable amount of time writing, developing audio and video content and Twittering nearly every facet of his existence. It's almost sad, had the coin landed on the other side Xav could have been the first "Stripper Pole Installation and Stability Expert" to be invited to an Xfire debate... instead Xfire welcomes the contributing editor and podcast regular from (popular gaming blog) Joystiq. It'll have to do.

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Nathan Solomon - Principal,

Nathan currently stirs up the game industry on a consulting basis and also gives it away for free at He was previously VP of Business Development at Electronics Boutique, with a mandate to push new technologies and business models as far as possible. While there, he created, the first pre- and early release availability of frontline PC titles for download, and the EB Wireless Game Portal, enabling downloads via Bluetooth in EB stores. Prior to entering the games business, he held various senior posts in advertising, and in 1994, he built the first interactive broadband narrative with twenty of his closest and most insane friends. He left EB to co-found, a company dedicated to sales of in-game assets, and went on to work with Greg Costikyan on various interesting projects. At present, he is focused on superfluid, his upcoming barter exchange.

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The Xfire Debate Club: Mobile Gaming: Fad or Future? April 28th
April 28th, 2009 at 19:00 CEST / 1pm EDT (10am PDT)

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