The Xfire Debate Club Presents: Best in Gaming 2007

Best in Gaming 2007: 12/05/07

December 5th on Xfire

In honor of Spike TV's 2007 Video Game Awards, Xfire has brought together some of the best names in the industry (including VGA Judges) to debate the best games of 2007. What makes a game the best game? Do underdog developers stand a chance? Is there a game not nominated that should have been?   Presented by Stride.

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Our Guests

Moderator: Rob Fahey

Originally hailing from Ireland's rocky shores, Rob has been writing about videogames for around 12 years - most recently completing a lengthy tour of duty as editor of videogames business bible These days he's a regular columnist for, writes copious reviews for its sister site,, and scribbles about Japanese film and culture for a number of UK magazines. He lives in London, and is banned from playing Mario Kart with his flatmates for swearing too much.

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Eric Bratcher

Eric began his video game career at the tender age of seven, facing off against two older brothers on the family's home Pong console. Nearly 25 years of console and PC play later, he joined the staff of Next Generation magazine and later moved on to PSM: 100% Independent PlayStation Magazine. Eric is now the Executive Editor of GamesRadar, one of the most popular video game websites in the world.

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Chris Grant

Motivated by either an unhealthy Messianic complex or a dearth of career opportunities (he never could decide which), Chris put his college degrees in Literature and Cinema Studies to good use as a carpenter before becoming editor of the popular gaming blog, Joystiq. In this role, he spends a statistically impossible percentage of each day writing, exploring the blogosphere and, when he comes up for air, covering gaming for local alterna-paper, the Philadelphia Weekly. If he isn't busy playing or writing about games, he's doing other, no doubt less important, things... though he probably shouldn't be.

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Jim Greer

Jim is the founder and CEO of Kongregate, a startup aiming to become the leading user-generated web games community. Jim has been in the games industry since 1991 and his credits include Ultima 7-8 (Origin) and NetStorm: Islands at War (Activision). In 2000, he started his web games career at and moved to Electronic Arts in 2001, where he remained until founding Kongregate in 2006. As Technical Director for Pogo, he led the game and web development teams for both the free and subscription service, as well as launching development of connected downloadable titles. Jim has spoken at both casual and core game conferences, and contributed to Game Programming Gems III. He holds a BA in Computer Science from Princeton University.

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Julianne Greer

Julianne was a lifelong gamer and relative outsider to traditional gaming journalism when she co-founded The Escapist in July 2005. She has served as Executive Editor for the online magazine since its inception, growing it to over 700,000 monthly visitors. Greer also serves as the Editorial Director for Themis Media's other media properties, including WarCry Network, AllGameNews and other as-yet unannounced projects. Prior to her work on The Escapist, she had worked as a professional broadsword fighter, a new media consultant and an advertising copywriter.

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Sam Kennedy

Sam Kennedy has been writing about video games for over a decade. Early on, he founded several gaming fan sites, including the long running Soon after, he went on to work as News Editor for such outlets as GameFan, GameSpot, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine. In 1993 he launched and has since served as its Editor-in-Chief. Most recently, he's helped launch new 1UP Network properties, including and

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Andy McNamara

Andy McNamara started his career as a game reviewer in the premiere issue of Game Informer magazine in the fall of 1991. A short three years later McNamara took over as Editor-In-Chief and has now been with Game Informer magazine for the past fifteen years. During his tenure at Game Informer, the magazine has grown into the largest video game publication in the world with over two million readers monthly.

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