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Contest #1 - Play 2 Win!

Click to join an Official Xfire Rappelz Guild and enter the contest!
Join an Official Xfire Rappelz Guild and play Rappelz from July 28th to August 11th to win! Your Guild membership is your contest entry.

Click here for the Official Xfire Rappelz Guild!
(Your guild membership is your contest entry.)

Winners must have a Rappelz account to win in-game prizes.


Rappelz Play 2 Win Prizes: iPod Shuffle
Over 45 Hours - Gold Prize (10 Winners):
· Rappelz iPod Shuffle 1GB
· Idealist Ring

25 to 45 Hours - Silver Prize (10 Winners): Idealist Ring
· Untamed Hawkman Card

1 to 25 Hours - Bronze Prize (10 Winners):
· Perfectionist Ring
Hawkman Pet
Rappelz Live Chat Prizes:
Live Chat August 11th (10 Winners):
30 Day Hidden Village Pass Coupon

Rappelz Clan Competition Prizes:
The registered clan with the most Rappelz hours at the end of the clan competition will win a Hero's Mantle (Rank 5 Cloak) for each member of the winning clan. (Up to 300 winners!)

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Learn more about this game on the Xfire games page. Rappelz
See how Rappelz compares to other games on the Xfire games page. See which of your friends and which clans play Rappelz, screenshots, videos and more!

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Contest #2 - Clan Competition

Post your Xfire Clan URL here!
Does your clan play Rappelz? To enter the clan competition, post your Xfire clan name and link (URL) in the Rappelz forum.

Don't have a clan? Make new friends in the Official Xfire Rappelz Guild or start your own clan!

Rappelz CG Video

Play Rappelz to make your own video! Press Scroll Lock + V!


Rappelz is a Free-to-Play MMORPG from gPotato that is designed to appeal to both casual and hardcore players alike. Rappelz features fantastic graphics, 15 unique classes, pets, raids, and PvP combat.

The unique pet system allows for equipment and experience progression, as well as the chance for your pet to evolve!

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