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* How do I record videos using Xfire?

As of Xfire version 1.86, we have added the ability to record video clips while playing games.

First, go to the Tools | Options | Video tab in your Xfire client. Make sure the checkbox labeled "Enable Video Capture" is checked. Note this tab also contains all of the option settings related to Xfire Video Capture.

Now launch your favorite game that has Xfire In-Game messaging support (make sure XIG is working for you). To begin recording press the default key combination "Scroll Lock + V" and you should see the recording overlay appear in game. This indicates that you are recording. Press Scroll Lock + V again to stop recording.

When you exit your game your video files will appear on the Xfire files tab (or the videos tab/button on newer Xfire skins). You can double click a video on the list to launch it. They can be played back in most .avi compatible media players.
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* I've enabled video capture but I still can't record. Why?

The most likely reason is that the game you are trying to record does not have Xfire In-Game messaging support. To see a list of games that have Xfire In-Game support click here:

Xfire In-Game supported games.
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* When I play back my video it's just a black screen. Why?

Currently Xfire Video Capture does not support 16-bit or DDraw rendered games. Some examples of this would be Starcraft or older Need for Speed games. This can also occur if you are using VLC media player. VLC does not currently support the Xfire video codec.

The second most likely reason this could happen is a bug with our code and the specific game you are trying to record. A few known examples of this problem are Call of Duty 2 and Eve Online.

We have tested with a number of games and PC configurations, but you may uncover a game we did not test fully or a specific video card that has issues with certain renderers etc.

We want feedback from you on these issues! Please head over to the Technical Support - OPEN forum and post a new thread with the all details relevant to your issue.
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* Where can I find the videos I just recorded?

Once you exit the game, you will be presented with a small dialog box confirming the videos you recorded. Then go to the Videos tab on your Xfire client.

Here you can right click on the file name and select to open the file, open the directory where it is saved, delete it (remove),send it to an Xfire friend or upload it to for everyone to see!

Note that you can also change the location of your saved Xfire Videos in the Tools | Options | Video tab.
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* What do the "half size" and "full size" options do?

These options refer to the resolution your video is captured and played back in.

For example if you select "full size" and run your game in 1024x768, your video will be recorded and played back in that resolution.

If you select "half size" and run your game again in the same resolution, the resulting video captures will be played back in half the resolution and the file size of the videos will be considerably smaller.
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* My games frame rate suffers or becomes unplayable while recording. How can I fix this?

Xfire Video Capture is a fairly CPU intensive process. Translation: The better your PC is, the higher quality and resolution captures you can do. Users with dual core machines will notice significantly less of a frame rate hit while recording than users that are running single core machines.

Make sure no other programs that conflict with Xfire are enabled. See: Disabling unnecessary programs running in the background is advisable as well.

If you notice a sizeable frame rate loss or your game becomes unplayable while using Xfire video capture, here are some things you can try:

First go to Tools | Options | Video tab. Set your Video Capture Options down to Half-Size and select 25 frames per second from the drop down menu.

It may also help to try running your game in a lower resolution. If your PC is just meeting the minimum requirements to play the game you are trying to record, the added processing needed for Video Capture may cause a noticeable frame rate hit.

If Xfire Video Capture is working great for some of your games but you notice frame rate problems in others, please head over to our Technical Support - OPEN forum and post a new thread with the all the relevant details.
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* I cannot play back my Xfire videos in VLC media player. Why?

If you attempt to play back an Xfire video in the VLC media player, you will get nothing but a black screen.

The reason is VLC media player simply does not support the custom Xfire codec yet (xfcodec). Once our codec is finalized it may be included with VLC.
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* How do I upload videos I have recorded to my Xfire Profile page?

As of Xfire update 1.89, we have added the ability to upload your Xfire Videos to your Xfire Profile page. Here's how:
  • Once you have captured some videos, exit your game (this is important because the encoding process takes a lot of CPU power and writes to your hard drive).
  • Click the Videos button on the Xfire client (Files tab for older/third party skins). Highlight the file you wish to upload and select Tools | Video | Upload Video (or just right click on the file name).
  • You will be presented with a dialog to add a title and description to your Video. These are required fields.
  • Click OK and this begins the encoding process.
Once the encoding is complete, the file will automatically begin uploading. Once the upload is complete, your Xfire Info view will refresh and display a thumbnail that links to the video on your Profile page.
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* What is the maximum file size that I can upload?

The current limit is roughly 200mb or 10 minutes total.
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* How many Xfire Videos can I display on my Xfire Profile?

The maximum number of videos you can have displayed on your Xfire Profile page is nine.

The maximum data storage for Xfire Videos is 10 GB. So if you are running in very high resolutions your file size will be larger and therefore you will have fewer videos on your Profile.
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* How do I delete or rename my videos that I previously uploaded to

Go to and you can delete Video files from your Profile or change the description.

In a future update, we will be making improvements to this page as well as adding Remote video data in the Xfire client.
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* I cannot record sound in my Xfire Videos! Why?

If you are on Windows Vista, see the FAQ here:

I'm using Windows Vista and I have no sound in my Xfire recorded videos.

If you are running Windows XP go into the Xfire Tools | Options | Video tab. Look under Audio Capture Options, if you cannot select anything in the Audio Mixer drop down menu your sound card is likely not capable of "full duplex audio".

This means record and play back sound simultaneously.

You may be able to convert your sound card to a DirectSound-compatible full-duplex sound card by installing the latest version of the sound driver for your sound card. Contact the manufacturer of your sound card to inquire about how to obtain and install the latest version of the sound driver for your sound card.
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* I'm using Windows Vista and I have no sound in my Xfire recorded videos. I'm unable to select my recording device. How do I fix this?

By default, Windows Vista disables and hides all sound recording devices.

To enable Stereo Mix (or another recording device) in Windows Vista:
  • Go to your ‘Control Panel'.
  • Double click ‘Sound'.
  • Click the recording tab.
  • Right click on the white background of the tab and click ‘show disabled devices'.
  • Right click on the device that is on the list and click enable.
  • You should now be able to select this device for recording in both Windows Vista and Xfire.
You'll need to go to Tools | Options | Video tab in Xfire and select the newly enabled device under ‘Audio Device'. The audio coming through that device will now be recorded in your videos.

You should also be aware that if you are using a headset and your sound is coming through the headset, you must select your headset on the ‘Audio Device' dropdown in Xfire. You cannot record from both your soundcard and your headset at the same time.

For a visual description of how to do this please see the Xfire Wiki link below:
Help: Enabling disabled sound devices in Vista. (Xfire thanks Godjonez for designing the Wiki entry)
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Contest FAQ
Contest Questions

Contest Answers

* What are the dates for the event?

The Contest starts at 12:01am PST on July 10th and ends at 11:59pm PST on July 24th.
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* When can I upload a video?

Anytime during the contest! Your video MUST be uploaded during the contest period. Any video uploaded too early or too late will be disqualified. Your video uploads have a time and date stamp, so you can't cheat!
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* When can I start getting votes?

You can start getting votes as soon as your video is uploaded. At the end of the contest periods for Contest 1 and 2 we'll note the "cool" votes for the videos.
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* How do I get votes?

Talk to your friends! Get them all to vote for the contest. Don't have many friends? Post in the Contest Forums or join the Contest Clan and try to get the other Xfire users to vote for your video.
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* Who can enter the contest?

Any registered Xfire user over 13 years of age can enter the contest.
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* How do you win?

The users with the most "Cool" votes on their Age of Conan Video Capture Contest Videos will be the winners. The winners will NOT be chosen randomly. It's all about the votes, and whether or not the user has followed all of the steps to make their video eligible.
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* Can I edit my video - picture or sound?

No. Aside from a title screen at the beginning, or credits at the end, the rest of the entire video MUST be raw game footage as recorded by Xfire Video Capture. No Machinima, editing, music, or additional content allowed. Videos found breaking this rule will be disqualified.
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* Wouldn't only people with good graphics cards win?

No! It's all about the best video and the votes it gets! A video can get cool votes for having awesome graphics, or because the graphics are bad! It's all about how you sell it.
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* How do I enter?

Follow the 4 steps at the top of the event page.
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* Why should I fill out the Form?

The Form verifies your entry. The upload date, tag, form entry all need to be completed before the contest period ends. It verifies that your video should be in the event.
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* Where should I go if I have more questions?

The Community Forums! Make a post and we'll get back to you!

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* How long can my video be?

Video submissions can be no shorter than 10 seconds and no longer than 3 minutes.

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