[Xfire] matteox: Hello and welcome to the live chat with Tim Buckley from Ctrl+Alt+Del. Tim will now introduce himself and start answering your questions.


[CAD] Tim: Hey you monkeys :)

[CAD] Tim: I'm sorry to report that Ryan couldn't make it this evening

[CAD] Tim: I'm sure you'll all miss him as much as I do. With no clothes on.

[CAD] Tim: Im going to try and answer as many of these questions as I can before my fingers fall off.

[CAD] Tim: So let's get started!


[CAD] Tim: Question: SpikeTheSlayer: Tim: Do you prefer longer story arcs that develop your characters or stand alone game parodies or other scretches.?

Answer: I enjoy both, which is why I do both. I love telling stories, but I find that at the end of an arc, I'm anxious to do something a little bit different, which is where the "one shots" come in. Changing things up keeps me interested in what I'm doing.


[CAD] Tim: Question: AFD KS: Do you picture the scene fully in your head? or do you add to it as the ideas flow?

Answer: Both. I often script most of the comic ahead of time, but I'll leave certain panels vague. Such as "Ethan says something about this here", but without nailing down the dialogue. I find that once I see the comic coming together I get new ideas, so I like the comic to be fluid and open to alterations as I'm creating it.


[CAD] Tim: Question: ironfistx: What are the best perks of being a popular web comic artist? I sometimes see you're entered in betas and things that require a non-disclosure agreement, that's got to be pretty cool to get to try out lots of games before most people.

Answer: Getting games and betas early is definitely a cool perk. It's nice to get a chance to try out games and assist in the beta process. Other perks include staying up till 4am and sleeping in till 1pm ;)


[CAD] Tim: Question: Nightmare: Question for Tim - For artists who want to create their own webcomics, what do you recommend in term of equipment (tablets) and software?

Answer: I think this will depend a lot on the type of webcomic you want to create. I think that a computer would be a good place to start, as far as equipment goes. A tablet takes some getting used to. It's the closest thing to drawing right into the computer, but it's not completely the same. I still do all of my sketchwork with a pencil and paper, because it feels the most natural to me.


[CAD] Tim: Question: -[TRR]- 2Lt.Eufnoc: How long does it take Tim on average to draw one of the webcomics and to make one of the movies?

Answer: The comics take, on average, between 4-6 hours to produce. The big X factor there is the writing, and how long it takes me to work the script into four panels. I don't have any direct hand in creating the animated shorts, aside from scripts and model sheets, but it takes about the whole month for the animating team to make one.

[CAD] Tim: Question: [JOT$] dripp: Hey Tim, I suppose I have the delusion of considering myself an amateur comic artist, what with hoping to really get mine off the ground soon, what would you say is the hardest part about creating a comic. (And yes, I'm doing it more for fun than pay.)

Answer: Hey man, that's not delusional. If you want it, go for it. If you're doing it for fun, you'll love it, I think. It's a great hobby :) I guess the hardest part is remaining consistent. The first thing I tell people is to stick to their update schedule. It's ok to change your update schedule to better suit your life and capabilities, but don't say you'll update and leave your readers hanging.


[CAD] Tim: Question: scarab6761: Where does the inspiration for Chef Brian comics come from, and is the lack of his comics a result of a loss of inspiration?

Answer: Originally inspiration came from alcohol. Recurrences are mostly due to a need to be silly. His lack of appearance lately has nothing to do with inspiration, and more to do with his random nature. Too much Chef Brian is funny to no one, so he only makes an appearance twice a year or so. I'd say his due is coming up pretty soon.


[CAD] Tim: Question: «*[ToP]*»«*X¢å£ÏßüR*»: How long did it take you to develop such extensive and advanced drawing and graphics skills?

Answer: My whole life. Hell, I'm still developing them. I don't think I'm anywhere near as good an artist as I have potential to be. But that's what it's all about- continually striving to improve. I know that right now I'm better than I was four years ago when I started this comic. And I hope that four years from now I'm better than I am now. If I'm not, I screwed up.


[CAD] Tim: Question: shadow112090: are you as upset as ethan about the demise of e3?

Answer: I am and I'm not. It was a fun show, and I'm glad I got to attend the last couple of years. But I can't deny that it was a colossal waste of time and money for everyone involved, time and money that could have been spent better a hundred different ways. I think the industry will learn, and we'll see smaller shows start to pop up here and there.


[CAD] Tim: Question: sadei: Tim: As a child...What really got you into gaming (First Console/Game)?

Answer: I think I just always loved games. We had a commodore 64 when I was real young, and the only worth it had to me was gaming. After playing an NES at a friends house, I begged my parents for one until, finally, one Christmas they broke down and allowed my aunt to buy me one. Since then it's always been a core interest in my life.


[CAD] Tim: Question: bobtheweedbunny: Tim: Are the characters modeled off of any real life influences, ie. friends, family, acquaintances, etc.?

Answer: Ethan and Lucas are modeled, in physical appearance, off my best friend Toby and I. Other than that, no, not really.


[CAD] Tim: Question: Adentai: Your last Xfire chat you said the PC was what you preferred to play on but you said the 360 may change that. So far, has it?

Answer: You know, it goes in cycles. Sometimes I don't use the 360 for a month, sometimes (like lately) I'm on it every day. I guess it just depends on what's out for which platform.


[CAD] Tim: Question: Brutal Rage: What are you future plans for the Comic? Are you going to do a CAD movie at some point?

Answer: I'll be running for governor of CAD Island. You've probably never heard of it, but that's because I haven't bought it yet. I expect to have the necessary funds after I've taken over the world with laser wielding robots. See, in each comic is a subliminal messaging system, that once activated will...

Crap, ran out of typing room there. Guess you'll never know. UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE!


[CAD] Tim: Question: Logan: Do you enjoy making your comics or do you feel that you have to make them so you wont disappoint the community?

Answer: If this ever becomes a chore, or ever stops being fun, I'll stop doing the comic. It's as simple as that. But don't worry, because I love doing this every bit as much as the day I started.


[CAD] Tim: Question: lerferz: Do you ever get the artist equivalent to writers block? How do you get over it? I find myself with no inspiration these days.

Answer: Yep. Somedays drawing is like the easiest thing in the world. Sometimes I can't get anything to work write. If I get blocked, I either (depending on deadlines) just work through it, or go do something else for a bit, to occupy my mind.


[CAD] Tim: Question: Lorithad: What was the reason that you decided to use splitreason.com over zestuff.com for the CAD store?

Answer: There were a few reasons, but mostly I felt I needed to look for the best all-around deal, for my sake and for the customer's sake. I felt that splitreason could offer me that at the current time.


[CAD] Tim: Question: Quest: Despite Ted's obvious links to Linux, was there any other reason for the inclusion of a penguin to the cast?

Answer: Actually Ted was added to the cast because waaaay back in the early days, the forum goers were asking for a penguin in the comic. I added Ted to amuse them, and he just sort of stuck around.


[CAD] Tim: Question: Towne: I know we all frequently visit your site, I want to know... what sites do you frequent. Are you reading other things or what...? and How do you feel about soo many peoples love for you and the comic?

Answer: Umm... I check fileplanet regularly for new demos and whatnot. I check nuklearpower.com (8bit theater) to see what Brian's up to, and I check VGCats.com on the wildly off-chance that Scott has actually updated ;) And random sites here and there.


[CAD] Tim: Question: SpikeTheSlayer: Do you get recognized in the street? or have you ever seen someone wearing a CAD shirt in public who didn’t recognize you and just smile warmly to yourself?

Answer: I have been recognized a few times. Somewhat recently my girlfriend and I were in Best Buy and one of the employees recognized us. It's strange, because this isn't a profession that you think would lend itself to visual recognition. It's very flattering though. Never seen someone wearing a shirt outside of places I'd expect to, conventions etc. My relatives and friends have though.


[CAD] Tim: Question: tokyovigilante1: Tim: What has been your favorite reference you've made in either the CAD comic or animated series?

Answer: I love all my references, but I especially love the obscure ones. I like to see who gets them. Like the Mickey's line from Rocky in today's comic. I always loved that line, and I was thrilled to parody it.


[CAD] Tim: Question: enigmata: Tim, I really admire that you're doing your comic because you're passionate about it. Did you ever want to be anything other than a comic artist?

Answer: I think when I was really little I wanted to be a police officer. But no, mostly it's been a desire to be a comic artist. For a little while in high school it changed to animation, but the same creative, artistic drive was there.


[CAD] Tim: Question: Hep Cat: Back when the comic was nothing more than a couple of guys with a humble melon, how did you ever get the word out that there was a new comic in town?

Answer: Luck, really. I let a few friends know about it, let a few forums i frequented know about it, and it just spread from there. Actually, I think all my old posts are still archived on the JK2 lucsarts forums. I went back there to say hello a while back.


[CAD] Tim: Question: AFD KS: Do you have any techniques to get ideas? Are you influenced much by funny TV shows?

Answer: It's all gris for the mill. Or whatever that saying is. I usually try to take ordinary situations and just exxagerate them. I've probably been influenced by all the shows I watched growing up. Tom and Jerry was (and still is) a big fave of mine, and could probably explain my enjoyment of slapstick physical violence. And of course the simpsons and futurama helped to mold my sense of humor growing up.


[CAD] Tim: Question: Squigly: What are your thoughts on the Wii? Are you excited? Is Ethan and the rest excited?

Answer: I'm excited, but wary. I'm trying to reserve any real judgement until it's in my hands. better not to get swayed by the hype and all that. But I'm definitely interested.


[CAD] Tim: Question: Crusty: How does it feel to know that CAD has inspired some to actually seek jobs at Game Stores?

Answer: Good, I guess? I'd be worried that people would be disappointed when they find out that gaming stores arent quite as laid back as Game Haven is heh.


[CAD] Tim: Question: Pintsize12433: Are you going to make a tribute strip to Steve Irwin?

Answer: Hmm, I had given it some thought, but I don't know. I'd probably refrain, rather than risk doing it distastefully, and cheapening his memory. He was a good guy.


[CAD] Tim: Question: PeЧĐuĐe@CoDJumper.com: Besides sketching cartoons, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Answer: I like to play video games and watch movies (obviously). I enjoy fitness, and I excersise regularly. Reading is great if I can find the time. Mostly I spend my free time with Britanny.


[CAD] Tim: Question: lerferz: Tim, I love all the little details you put into your comic. Like movie posters and all. How do you decide what little details to include?

Answer: It's whatever I feel like at the moment. If I add a poster, I just think of whatever I'm into right now, or recently, and I go find a poster/picture and stick it in as wall art. I've been doing it less in recent years, but I still like to throw them in there every once in a while.


[CAD] Tim: Question: shadow112090: what is the favorite piece of work that you did?

Answer: My favorite piece of work is usually whatever I'm doing next. Or currently working on. Because about a half an hour after I'm done I think it sucks and I could do better ;)


[CAD] Tim: Question: hornet65: Tim, back when your comic was first starting, Ethan got shot with quite a few arrows, are there any plans on maybe launching one more for old times sake?

Answer: Nah, that's a retired gag. You need to know when to retire recurring gags. I'd rather have this question asking for more, than a question like "good god, will you please stop doing those arrow gags? they aren't funny anymore!"


[CAD] Tim: Question: sadei: Tim - What Truely Inspired You To Start Doing Comics (Other Comics, Cartoons, etc)?

Answer: To be perfectly honest? A bad break-up. Yep. Suddenly I had a bunch of free time on my hands, and I didn't want to think about the breakup, so I really wanted a project to invest myself into. Not just a single piece of artwork, but something ongoing. I saw other people putting their strips online and thought that would be perfect. As long as im going to do a comic strip, may as well let people read it, right? maybe they'll enjoy it. and the rest, as they say, is history


[CAD] Tim: Question: ironfistx: Has your popularity from the webcomic given you the opportunity to meet anyone you admire?

Answer: definitely. last year I was doing some work, making some macaroni and cheese, and I come in and check my email, and received an email from George R. R. Martin, my favorite author (the Song of Ice and Fire series I'm always raving about). Someone had shown him the comic(s) I did referencing his books, and he enjoyed them. I was blown away. A short while later we did Vericon together in Boston, and he knew who I was, and I even got to interview him in from of a room full of people. it was a trip.


[CAD] Tim: Question: Brutal Rage: How has being a well known on-line artist changed your life? What did you do before CAD...could you see yourself doing anything else?

Answer: Before CAD I just did... I dunno, whatever people do. And now... I just have less time to do it with. I'd like to think it hasn't changed me at all, but I know that's not true. I've learned a lot of valuable lessons, I've met a lot of great people, and I've had a lot of great experiences. And I do what i love for a living- that's bound to alter a person's perception on life. I'm the same person, just a better, more well-rounded person, I think. I still hate stupid people just as much as I did working retail, just now I have a great outlet with which to express it ;)


[CAD] Tim: Question: jadien: Tim, What's your favorite genre of games?

Answer: I'm tempted to say MMO... but really I find enjoyment in practically every genre. Even regular RPG's. I never finish them, but I get em anyway. I think I love the idea of finishing them more than the actual process.


[CAD] Tim: Question: Onaka: What do you think about graphics and gameplay in games today? Do you feel that the developers trying to push every bit of processing power out of a console makes the games less fun, as they have less time to develop the storyline and actual gameplay?

Answer: I think that certain developers work very hard on every aspect of their games. But while there is definitely something to be said for pushing the envelope, I think that some games do lack that pizazz in the writing department. But again, not all games need to be that deep. Saint's Row has a story, but I couldn't care less about it. I just want to run people over.


[CAD] Tim: Question: scarab6761: Have you ever gotten any kind of cease and desist order from any of the companies you've parodied in the past?

Answer: Not concerning any comics, but some of my merchandise, yeah. I thought it was hilarious. I had a "Rated L337" parody of the ESRB rating for years, and it was an excellent seller. Then just recently the ESRB decides it's confusing people. They told ZeStuff to stop selling it when we had like 3 left. It was a clear parody, and I probably could have fought it but, i mean, is it really worth it? pfeh.


[CAD] Tim: Question: Odin1985: Tim: what genre of music do you listen, what genre of music does the cad characters listen to?

Answer: I listen to all types of music. I really, to be honest, haven't given much thought to what the characters listen to. It's never come up.


[CAD] Tim: Question: [nick]: If you had a child, would he/she grow up on Ctrl-Alt-Del bedtime stories?

Answer: I doubt it. I know Britanny would never allow that to happen :(


[Xfire] matteox: Ok, that concludes the chat with Tim from Ctrl+Alt+Del. A special thanks to Tim for taking the time to come chat with us.


[Xfire] matteox: Thanks Tim!


[CAD] Tim: Question: 9mmcensor: As a sort of voice of gamers world wide, you have the audience to express ideas and issues that are important to the gaming community through your art. What issues important to gamers do you feel you can bring out in your comic?

Answer: Obviously the big ones, like internet freedoms, anti-software pirating, etc. This is going to sound fucked up, and it's all Ahhnold, but I've had a desire for a while to try and educate gamers about, I dunno, eating well, and excersise. Just taking care of yourself. Frankly this applies to everyone, not only gamers. Specifically the american culture. But gamers are the ones I have the power to reach. I just don't think it would be well received, or I haven't come up with a good way to spin it yet :)


[Xfire] matteox: Thanks again Tim, I'll start handing out prizes.


[CAD] Tim: Thanks for having me. Was lots of fun, as always :)


[Xfire] matteox: The first prize--5 Subscriptions to CAD Premium

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[Xfire] matteox: And, an Original Sketch!

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[Xfire] matteox: And, just today Tim has generously given more prizes!!

[Xfire] matteox: 5 First Print Copies of Volume 1

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[Xfire] matteox: And a very special prize--the opportunity to be an extra in an upcoming CAD comic! The winner of this prize is:

[Xfire] matteox: Pintsize 12433

[CAD] Tim: Congratulations everyone :)

[Xfire] matteox: Congratulations to the winners, I will now message you all.

[CAD] Tim: Ciao!

[Xfire] matteox: Thanks againt to everyone who came out and especially to Tim!